A system that addresses the whole person, acupuncture helps your body tap into its innate ability to live in health & balance. This medicine benefits many people and can address a variety of conditions. 

The Process

Acupuncture treatments consist of a detailed intake, assessment, and treatment by Megan, a Washington State licensed practitioner and board certified acupuncturist

I assess each patient by categorizing your signs & symptoms, looking at your tongue, and feeling your pulse. This allows me to formulate a Traditional Chinese Medical diagnosis and treatment approach unique to you, and select acupuncture points and additional modalities that are appropriate for each condition. 

New patients can expect to be at the office for 75-90 minutes. Follow up treatments are 40-50 minutes. Your appointment time may vary based on a few factors, including the time needed to review your health concerns for the day, and if additional modalities are performed.

Acupuncture Treatment

Sterile, single-use acupuncture needles are inserted at the acupuncture points, and the patient is left to rest in the treatment room. Many people feel so relaxed they fall asleep!  At the end of acupuncture treatments, all needles are removed and disposed of. Some patients feel energized after acupuncture, while others feel sleepy or very relaxed.

How to Prepare for Acupuncture

Please wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing to your acupuncture appointment. Most points can be accessed with pants and shirts that roll up a few inches above the knee & elbow.

Before acupuncture: please have plenty of water the day of your appointment, and eat a light meal a few hours before so you don't arrive on an empty stomach.

After acupuncture: rest is best. Avoid vigorous exercise & alcohol consumption after acupuncture - this gives your body time & energy to heal, which maximizes the effect of the treatment.

Conditions Treated Include:


In some situations, patients may seek acupuncture when presenting with medical red flags indicating a more serious condition. In these cases, I will always refer the patient to seek the appropriate level of medical care.

Some acupuncture points and Chinese herbs are contraindicated during pregnancy, so please let me know if you are trying to get pregnant or currently pregnant.