I am a gender inclusive, queer positive provider committed to providing healthcare with sensitivity and respect. 

Acupuncture & Chinese herbs can help support fertility for all families by nourishing & supporting the parent(s) to be so they can have the best chance at healthy conception & pregnancy

Preconception planning: 

For folks planning on becoming pregnant, acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatments focus on regulating hormones, improving circulation & nourishing the reproductive organs for several months prior to trying to conceive, or throughout IUI / IVF treatments

I also provide fertility awareness education so you learn to understand your fertile signs and keep track of your ovulation. This is crucial work for those planning on using donor sperm for insemination, as it helps time treatments to your specific fertile window.

Acupuncture + Fertility treatments:

When  working with a fertility clinic, there are several options for LGBTQIA+ family building. Whether you are using IUI, donor egg, donor sperm, or reciprocal IVF with your partner, acupuncture can support the process.

a queer couple smiling while looking at a smartphone

Fertility Preservation:

For trans folks, fertility preservation is a consideration prior to hormone therapy &/or gender affirming surgeries. Acupuncture can help as you prepare for cryopreservation of sperm or eggs.

Acupuncture + Donors:

For folks with known donors, acupuncture & Chinese herbal treatments can help support the health & quality of the eggs or sperm before donation.

For the Partners:

The process of becoming a parent is life changing for us all. The family building & fertility process affects all partners, and acupuncture is a great tool for reducing stress while navigating fertility treatments.